Take a Mindful Approach to COVID-19

From NPR to CNN, we’re hearing calls for us to bring mindfulness to bear to avoid the risk of infection with COVID-19. Mindfulness is the practice to intentionally bring awareness to the present moment so we can choose our response to what is happening, instead of acting on autopilot. For example, we are being counseled to not habitually […]

Today’s Body – Mindfulness Practices for Body Love

How a simple statement can change the way we feel about our body. We are in tumultuous times. It feels to me that we need our mindfulness and compassion practices more than ever. The more grounded we are and the less inner conflict with ourselves we experience the more we are available for what is needed around us. I have been teaching a lot […]

There is no problem here

  How a simple statement can help to calm down the mind (and nervous system) in surprising ways.   I’m a fixer. There you have it. All these years of “letting things be as they are”, all these years of training and I’m still a fixer. Are you, too? I was trained as a physician […]

Writing a Book and Generosity

This week is a big week for me, and I want to share this with all of you. After a year of writing and refining with my colleague, Dr. Greg Serpa, we are sending the finished and edited manuscript for “Clinician’s Guide to Teaching Mindfulness” to the publisher. It will be on the bookshelves in […]

What Would Love Do? – Access Your Inner Wisdom

A couple of months ago I came across a blog post from a popular life coach called “What would love do?” In it she describes how this question changed everything for her: Her work, her relationship, her struggle with her weight and self-esteem. She describes how she moved from forcing, manipulating and punishing herself to […]