Dirty pain in the night

Today a student, let’s call her Joy, told me about her back pain, which had been flaring up. It had kept her awake quite a bit last night. And then she added: “But it didn’t bother me so much, because I knew that I didn’t have to work today.” I’m sure you are familiar with […]

Lice and the mind

“Mom!” my older daughter called as she was starting to braid her sister’s hair. “Mom, I just found a lice in Antonia’s hair!” We were about to head out of the door for school. I sighed and let the annoyance wash through me. Great, that was just what I needed now! Then I thought about […]

What do you really want?

During the last week of December, I reflect back on the past year, up until the last minutes when my husband and I recall the year together. We remember big and small moments, the happy and the not so happy ones. And then we look forward. What might be coming in the year ahead? What […]