Teaching Schedule

Upcoming Silent Insight Meditation/Vipassana Retreats

2020 – 2021

March 1-6, 2020. Retreat: Hofheim in Unterfranken 
Bei sich selbst zu Hause sein Schweige-Retreat mit Christiane Wolf (in German).  For more info click here .
March 20-21, 2020. *Cancelled due to COVID-19*  InsightLA 2-Day Non-Residential Retreat in Benedict Canyon.//Risking Delight//Embracing the Blossoming of Spring. To register go to: http://www.insightla.org or click the name of the retreat above.
May 10-15, 2020. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Retreat, “MBSR Tools” //MBSR 5-day Program.  1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz County. To register, click “MBSR 5-day Program” above.
May 30th, 2020. Santa Monica Meditation Center at InsightLA// The Gift of Quiet: A Day of Practice with Christiane Wolf. You can register by clicking on “The Gift of Quiet” above.
July 24-26, 2020. Weekend Workshop.  Freundschaft schließen mit sich selbst: Achtsamkeit, Selbstmitgefuhl und IFS.(in German). With Lienhard Valentin. Freiberg, Germany. For more info, click here (this will bring you to the Arbor Seminare registration site to register).
August 2-9, 2020. Retreat. Ein Herz so weit wie die Welt – die vier Herzensqualitaten. Schweige-Retreat mit Christiane Wolf (in German). Wasmuthhausen Castle (near Coburg). For more info, click here (this will bring you to the Arbor Seminare registration site to register).
August 28-30, 2020: Workshop. Esalen, Big Sur. MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Tools with Christiane Wolf. To register, click here.
September 14-20, 2020. Retreat. Spirit Rock Meditation Center//Finding Freedom in the Body. Join Christiane Wolf, Ph.D, MA, Bob Stahl, Ph.D., Mary Grace Orr, MA., and Marcy Reynolds (Qigong). For more information or to register, you can click on “Finding Freedom in the Body”.
October 6-12, 2020. Retreat. Vipassana retreat with Christiane Wolf near Barcelona, in Can Vital, SPAIN//You can register here.
November 4-8, 2020. Retreat with InsightLA at Big Bear Retreat Center//Wise View: Relating to What is with Compassion with Christiane Wolf, Ph.D., MA, and Beth Sternlieb. You can find out more information and register for this retreat here.
December 5-6, 2020. Non-Residential Retreat.  Spirit Rock Meditation Center//Join Christiane Wolf and Bob Stahl, Ph.D. at Spirit Rock (website info coming soon)
January 8-15, 2021.  Retreat. Insight Meditation Society//Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Approaches: Insight Meditation Retreat with Christiane Wolf, Bob Stahl and Yuka Nakamura. For information, visit IMS at:  www.dharma.org 

Upcoming InsightLA classes (Los Angeles)

March 28, 2020. Online Event. All Hearts On Deck: Responding to COVID-19 as a Community. You can register for this online event by clicking on the link above.

April 6, 2020. 8-week class series.  (MSC) – Mindful Self-Compassion at InsightLA// Online study with Christiane Wolf & James Rosser (facilitator). You can register here for this 8-week series.

April 23, 2020. 8-week class series. (MBSR) – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Online offering with Christiane Wolf, MA, Ph.D., Registration information can be found here.

For Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) or other classes in the Los Angeles area, please visit the InsightLA website here.

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