Outsmart Your Pain

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to Help You Leave Chronic Pain Behind

by Christiane Wolf M.D., Ph.D.

Foreword by Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times – bestselling author.

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Rated one of Mindful.org’s best books of 2021!

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Outsmart Your Pain is Dr. Christiane Wolf’s transformative guide to finding relief with mindfulness.

Pain can be a big, unwieldy box that we struggle to carry all day. But what if we could put down this box, unpack it, and tackle the contents one by one? Outsmart Your Pain is Dr. Christiane Wolf’s radically clear, evidence-based guide to relieving chronic pain with mindfulness, complete with twenty easy guided meditations and self-compassion practices, including:

  • rewriting the “pain story” you tell yourself
  • practicing loving acceptance of your body as it is
  • mindfully working through negative emotions
  • strengthening your inner and outer support systems.

By separating your pain from the stressful thoughts and 

troubled feelings that come with it, you can lay down your burden and live with joy.

Also available as an ebook and a Tantor Media audiobook

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Hear Christiane’s Ten Percent Happier podcast with Dan Harris.

Sit in meditation for a few minutes and you’re likely to experience pain, either physical or psychological. Hang around the meditation scene for very long, and you are likely to hear the expression, “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” 

And that’s what this episode is all about — boosting your pain tolerance through meditation. Because pain really is inevitable, but can you reduce your suffering through mindfulness and compassion? 

Christiane Wolf argues ‘yes’. She is a physician turned mindfulness and compassion teacher and teacher trainer. She is an authorized Buddhist teacher in the Insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition, teaching classes and retreats worldwide, and she’s also the author of the new book “Outsmart Your Pain”.

In this conversation, we talk about meditation techniques that offer us a better relationship to pain, how to work with the physicality of pain, the stories we tell ourselves about our pain, and seeing pain as an opportunity.


For more podcast with Christiane, click here.


Working with Pain

Mindfulness practices and insights for physical pain relief.
Whether you are new to mindfulness or you’ve been practicing for years, my new course—Working with Pain will give you a fresh perspective on the power of mindfulness and how it connects to our healing of physical pain. This new course—created in partnership with Mindful—will gently guide you to create meaningful mindfulness practice so you can feel a great sense of relief. Enjoy the enriching benefits it brings and feel the shift and ease within. This course is for you if:
  • You’re looking for science-backed, effective pain relief
  • You’re ready to dive deeper and understand different aspects of pain 
  • You desire a more gentle and caring approach from an experienced 
doctor/mindfulness expert
  • You’re wanting to regain the ability to do things that are important to you

Explore the stories you have around your pain through the powerful tools and practices offered in this special course.

Plus, for a limited time, save 25% when you pre-order this course.


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